15 Tweets From Parents on the Madness that is Halloween with Kids 🎃 🍬😱

tweets Halloween kids tweets Halloween kids

Halloween. ‘Tis the season for parents to purchase/make/magically produce intricate costumes, stock the house with candy (usually a couple times, ahem), come up with clever class treats, and, then, on the special day itself, wrangle kids through a late night fueled by vats of candy — AKA a perfect storm. All parents know that Halloween with kids is a special kind of (joy and) madness.

The messaging is kind of wonky.

The fruits of your labor aren’t always lovingly received.

But at least the family comes together around this holiday.

Your child will have his or her own ideas.

Don’t worry about “logic.”

Nice to know there’s a way around the Halloween Industrial Complex.

For some, the holiday can bring up deep-seated anxieties.

Everyone’s triggers are different.

Halloween does have many upsides…

… like the chance for meaningful conversations with your children.

Parents, be sure not to leave all the fun to the kids!

There are simple costumes that barely take any work at all.

Other costumes are completely transformative.

With every year, there’s the chance to build more Halloween memories…

… and, happily, those memories will last a lifetime.

Happy Halloween!!!