Easter Hunt with 7 Riddles For At-Home Fun!

easter hunt riddles easter hunt riddles

Bet you can’t solve these clever riddles faster than the kids! We had so much fun following the clues on this epic Easter hunt. You can do this indoors or outdoors, and bonus: they’ll actually get some exercise as they run around like crazy finding the clues. Feel free to borrow our riddles:)

Special thanks to (incredibly yummy) Reese’s Pieces Shake & Break Egg for sponsoring this video.


Turn my handle
And my walls will cry…
What exactly am I?

I’m loaded and unloaded, but I’m not a truck.
I help after dinner so you are in luck!

I go round and round and give off heat
But not to things you’d want to eat.

I’m kept inside a case
Where Tess comes to rest her face

I’m a great place for things to hide
Above me, Pres and Ford turn
from side to side.

I’m always running but have no legs
Anyone up for some nice cold eggs?

Almost there!

We are filled with words, but do not talk
We’ve got spines, but can not walk


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