Handmade Books

handmade books handmade books

My daughter loves making little “books” with paper taped (sometimes not so neatly) together, so we thought it would be fun to think about what other handmade books we could put together. Here are a few of our favorites. Let me know if you have an “in” with any publishers, thanks. 😉 

1.  Number Books

To make these classic number books, you start with stickers and then decide how you want to decorate them. So for example, one yellow sun, two blue monster eyes, three red flowers. You can use any stickers, but we had these color-coded labels on hand. Thank goodness we had a lot of them! I think Ford’s going to learn to count to like 82! Once that’s done we laminated them. We only use the laminator on special occasions but the kids are obsessed with it. Then we hole punched and drew some twine through. This makes a great gift for a little sibling or a friend learning their numbers.

2.  Card “Board” Books

Next up, we have these card “board” books. They’re a little bit more involved but pretty cool.  You start by cutting four squares of corrugated cardboard. Sticker paper is optional but makes it easier to draw on. We used an exacto knife to cut holes and put the whole thing together using horizontal strips of tape reinforced by vertical ones on the outside and the inside. And then, of course, you decorate them. For our puppet, we just glued googly eyes to a baby sock and attached it with hot glue to the book. I just love how these turned out. They’re so engaging and fun for the kids.

3.  Picture Books

You can have your kids look through magazines and find images they like and glue stick them onto the page.  This is super easy, simple, and quick but again uses a lot of creativity as kids think about what kind of theme they want to have or if they can tell a story with the pictures. You can have older kids write text on the pages as well!

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