Keep Calm & Buy More Leggings WEEK 8

Approved by the What’s Up Moms Medical Advisory Board

Baby is ½ inch long now and big things are happening. By the end of this week, all major organs will be developing. Webbing on the fingers and toes is going away, as is the tail. (We weren’t kidding when we said “tadpole.”) And big deal: this week marks the end of the embryonic phase of development. Moving forward, your little kidney bean- sized wonder is a fetus. Bam.

At your first OB appt, you’ll discuss how much weight you should gain; most docs advise 25 -35 lbs for average weight women. It’s good to be aware of this guideline, but, ladies, as you move forward, please oh please try not to obsess over numbers. (But also don’t throw caution to the wind and shove ALL THE FOODS into your piehole because you’re “eating for two.” An extra 300 or so calories is all you need — and becoming a human disposal could lead to Gestational Diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, preeclampsia and complications with delivery).

Instead: balance. Instead of sweating numbers on a scale, focus on making healthy eating choices and exercising – both of which will give you energy and be much more productive than weight-shaming yourself. And try this simple re-frame: it’s not about what your body weighs, or which of your parts are getting bigger — it’s about what your body can do. You are growing another life inside you which is flippin’ amazing, OK? So take good care of yourself, both the body and mind.

You’re kinda in the Awkward Phase right now in that you’re not nearly ready for maternity clothing, but soon your regular duds will be feeling a little snug thanks to bloating from all that progesterone. And this stage is extra tricky if you have to dress for the office. Instead of investing in too many $$ pieces for this in-betweensies stage, get creative. Your best friends right now (other than us) are leggings, super-stretchy jeans, tunic tops, shift dresses and, if you’re lucky enough to be in winter, roomy sweaters. If it’s warm weather, you’ll get some mileage from skirts and linen pants with drawstring waistbands. Blazers are everything. Also, never underestimate the power of a cute, distractingly pretty scarf, or some pop-y, red lipstick to make you — and everyone else — wonder just what it is that has you looking so radiant. #Ifeelpretty