Who You Calling High Maintenance?! MONTH 7 WEEK 4

Approved by the What’s Up Moms Medical Advisory Board

You’re almost eight months in now and really getting the hang of this mom thing. Like a boss! You know how to change a diaper at 3am by the light of the alarm clock, you’ve mastered the art of clipping baby’s fingernails (all ten) in under two minutes flat, and you’ve figured out how to nurse baby while remaining 87.9% asleep. Best of all, now that you’re little older and wiser, leaving the house with baby in tow — once a beast of an undertaking — is pretty much NBD. Still, though, there’s always room to streamline that process and make it even easier.

When it comes to outings with babe, do as the minimalists do and K.I.S.S  — Keep It Simple, Silly. (It’s really Keep it Simple, Stupid, but we’re not into name-calling).

Rethink the purpose of the diaper bag: it is not meant to tote around all of baby’s possessions. It isn’t even meant to tote around everything you might need. After all, you’re not heading into the wild, you’re just going out for a bit* to the park or Trader Joe’s or a friend’s house or music class. So just pack what you know you will need. Most anything else can wait til you’re home.

The basics should live in your diaper bag permanently, and these include a light blanket (doubles as a breastfeeding cover, changing pad, you name it), change of clothes, diapers, wipes, sunscreen (mineral), hand-sanitizer, a sippy cup of water, and maybe a bottle with pre-measured formula ready for mixing. No need to re-pack the diaper bag with each outing – just set it and forget it; periodically you can replenish. Now that she’s old enough you can also toss in those pouches and puffs — a great portable snack and a motor skills activity in and of itself. (Babies are ready for these gourmet delights once they’re crawling.)

Some moms are more comfortable paring down the diaper bag if they have the security of a more detailed one stowed permanently in the car. Great. So that car bag might have extras like a first aid kit, changing pad, clothing, and whatever else makes you feel you’ve got bases covered.

Now go out and see the world. With your load lightened you’ll dig that new spring in your step.

*Hey, you obvs know this already but: daily outings should be short and sweet; live by the motto quit while you’re ahead. Go home before baby is tired and fussing. Try to adhere to baby’s daily schedule so she can get home for her regular meal and naptimes.