What’s Got 2 Thumbs and Doesn’t Give a Crap About a Mess? MONTH 8 WEEK 1

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Your sweet little angel has a mind of her own. She’s got a full-on agenda — places to go, things to grab.

Yes, baby’s wildly curious and playful these days, but before you break the bank on Amazon, remember that sometimes the best toys are open-ended household objects. She’ll be pretty stoked if you can give her a designated kitchen cupboard full of Tupperware and wooden spoons. Right now she’s also super into the well-known sport of throw-it-down-and-mom-picks-it-up — surely you’re familiar? Roll with it, as this is baby’s way of exploring gravity, noise, and, overall “hilarious things.” Consider it your obliques workout.

On the nom nom front, baby is picking up the pace with the finger foods. Her pincer grasp is on point and by now she’s lost the tongue thrust reflex so can eat chunkier food with more texture. Try baked potato dices, butternut or acorn squash, tofu cubes, or soft pasta. When you’re out and about, tote along those dissolvable puffs. Bless those things.

Between her diet of breastmilk/formula and solids, baby’s not such a little wisp of a thing anymore. She may be ready for the regular bathtub, and by now that infant car seat is getting pret-ty cumbersome to lug around. Babies typically surpass the weight limit on it between 9 and 18 months (varies by manufacturer) so you might be getting ready to transition to a convertible seat, which you’ll use rear-facing at first. You’ll be happy to know that this one lives in the car — bless, right? — so the sides of your knees will really thank you.