Friendship Bracelet Two Ways

friendship bracelet friendship bracelet

Friendship bracelets are back & more beautiful than ever! So while the kids are busy for the next few hours creating this blast from the past, give your BFF from elementary school a call.



  1. Pick your colors!
  2. Double over each strand measured to 4 feet and cut. This will leave you with two strands of each color and a loop at the top.
  3. Tie a knot which will be the button closure at the end.
  4. Clip the knot to a clipboard or secure with tape. Separate each of the strings.
  5. Consider whatever knot sequence you’re doing and you’ll start to see your pattern appear.
  6. Once you get to your desired length you’re going to tie it off with a basic knot.
  7. Finally, add a button for the closure. If you have a button with 4 holes, just thread a piece of string through each loop and then tie them together using the rest of the string.

Candy stripe pattern (3 colors)

  • Take outermost thread on your left and form a “4” and loop it under and pull it tight. You’re going to tie two of these on each thread all the way across.

Chevron pattern (4 colors)

  • Split colors in half so that each side is a mirror image of the other.
  • Start with outermost thread on the left and tie a forward knot twice on the thread directly next to it. Repeat this on each thread until you get to the middle.
  • Take outermost thread on the right and repeat sequence until you get to the middle.
  • Once the light colors meet in the middle tie two forward knots.

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