DIY Pencil Pouch

pencil pouch pencil pouch

If you love new school supplies but hate spending money on them, this one’s for you. This DIY pencil pouch is ready in just a few minutes, using some basic supplies you probably already have. (Not to mention, super fashionable!)



  1. Measure approximately 5” down and cut off the bottom.
  2. Apply a strip of tape along the zipper, turn the bag over and then wrap it around the backside of your pouch.  Make a cut and fold any excess over.
  3. Add another row using the same process. You’ll be left with a small strip of the bag still exposed
  4. Add a final piece of tape just on the front of the bag leaving about 1” overhanging on each side.
  5. Flip the bag over and cut a square out of each corner and you’ll be left with two tabs. Fold the tabs in and fold the bottom up and you’ve got a super cute reusable pencil pouch!