Tie Dye Sneakers

tie dye sneakers tie dye sneakers

Put a little pep in your step, and add a unique and colorful touch to any outfit with tie dye sneakers! The only thing better than transforming an everyday pair of white shoes into this rainbow tie dye dream is how easy it actually is to do.



  1. Tape the bottom of your white canvas shoes with painters tape, and remove the shoelaces. 
  2. Using your sharpies, draw a pattern onto your shoes.
    TIP: It helps to practice your design on a piece of cotton fabric first. 
  3. Once you’re finished with your design, use take some rubbing alcohol into your dropper and apply to your design. It works best to start off with less rubbing alcohol, and apply back and forth evenly. You can always add more rubbing alcohol if you decide you want your colors to blend even more. 
  4. Then set them outside to dry. 
  5. Once dry, remove the painters tape & re-lace the shoes.

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