How to Organize Hair Accessories

organize hair accessories organize hair accessories

If you’re all too familiar with the tangled web of headbands and hair bows in your bathroom drawers, this one’s for you. Organizing your little one’s favorite accessories just got a lot easier and cuter with these two simple DIYs!

Headband Organizer


  1. Begin by wrapping your oatmeal container in fabric. Remove the lid and place your fabric upside down and place the canister on top.
  2. Secure that first edge around your container with the hot glue. Continue wrapping it around and then seal it closed.
  3. Trim the fabric on the bottom so there’s about an inch hanging over.
  4. Add some hot glue and then fold the ends over.
  5. Once your bottom is secure, flip your container upright and fold in the excess fabric from the top and simply secure with the lid. It will hold everything in place.
  6. Add some ribbons to the edges to give it a more finished look.
  7. Cut a small “X” on each end of the container and insert your tension rod and then adjust it to fit inside your drawer.

Hair Clip Organizer


  1. Cut ribbon into 5 equal length strips into approximately 14”.
  2. Wrap each piece around one of the wooden dowels. Make sure they’re equally spaced.
  3. Attach the second dowel the same way along the bottom.
  4. Add a string on the top dowel so you can hang it up.

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