DIY No-Sew Hair Bow

no sew hair bow no sew hair bow

We love lookin’ stylish on a budget, and now we’re getting our kids in on it, too. This DIY no-sew hair bow makes it easy to rock a bunch of new & unique hair bows. We love that no needle or thread is required.



  1. Cut fabric 10 inches to 7 inches.
  2. Place the fabric down with pattern down and fold the top and the bottom edges until they meet in the middle.   Once in place secure it with hot glue.
  3. Fold in your right and left side until those meet in the middle and glue those down as well.
  4. Gather the fabric in accordion-style. Pinch it in the middle and you have your bow shape.
  5. Now secure it with a piece of ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the bow and secure with a piece of glue and trim off the excess.
  6. Attach to a headband, clip, or hair tie. Ta da!

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