Mermaid Sequin DIYs Worth Flipping Out Over

mermaid sequin DIYs mermaid sequin DIYs

Pretty colored sequins that ‘magically’ change color when you run your hand over them? This is the stuff childhood dreams are made of. Even better (for mom, at least), there’s an easy way to indulge in the trend without spending all your (sand) dollars. We’ve seriously put these sequins on everything under the sea, but here’s our 3 favorite ways! 



  1. Flip over your fabric to make your shape, and trace with chalk then cut it out.
  2. Flip back the fabric so you’re looking at the sequins and make sure they’re all going the same direction.
  3. Use a paint pen to draw a picture on it. When you’re drawing make sure to use really small strokes and make sure to go in the same direction the sequins are in. Wait 5-10 minutes to let the ink dry.
  4. Place your shape on the shirt where you’d like it and a towel between the shirt layers. Then hot glue the shape to the shirt.


  1. Place tracing paper all over your shoe and trace over the part you want covered with the sequins, and cut out the shape.
  2. Place the tracing paper on the back of the fabric, outline with chalk, and cut the shape out.
  3. Place your piece over the shoe and hot glue on the edge of the fabric.
  4. Trim along the way if there’s extra fabric.

Sensory Bracelet

  1. Cut a long strip around 3” high, and about 2” longer than the width of your wrist, wrap it around your wrist and cut the excess off.
  2. Attach one piece of velcro onto the inside of the fabric, and the other piece goes along the sequined edge.

We’ve now put these on pretty much everything in our house from phone cases, notebooks, wall hangings and even backpacks.

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