12 Tweets That Prove Mom Brain is Real

tweets mom brain tweets mom brain

Your brain is mashed potatoes, so what? Mashed potatoes are delicious! Whether you’re a mom of one or five, having kids does something magical(ly tragic) to your brain.

All in a day’s work.

Sometimes when your brain drops the mic, a kind and benevolent safety net steps in….

… sometimes not.

Don’t expect the line from Point A to Point B to always be straightforward.


Sometimes you don’t arrive at Point B at all.

It’s like there’s an Etch-a-Sketch in your brain just erasing things willy-nilly…

Both overbuying & persistent under-buying are par for the course…

…and retracing our own steps like a hamster on a wheel.

Anyone can be forgiven for mixing up their gadgets, right?

And clothing items.  (It’s a landmine out there.)

Luckily kids are resilient. They will be just fine.

And even more luckily: We’re all in it together. For better or worse.